Last Friday it was World Tourism Day!! The United Nations World Tourism Organization celebrates this event on the 27th of September since 1980. Therefore we want to share some interesting facts about Amsterdam, in case you are planning a visit!

The city is home to around 1.1 million people, but attracts more than 17 million tourists per year, between the daily foreign visitors and Dutch locals. Europeans remain the most likely to visit the Netherlands, with Germans and Belgians making up 42% of all tourists. So good news, there is a big chance that we can meet in Amsterdam!

The problem is not the number of the people but, how to manage the crowd, since Amsterdam’s territory is really small and dense and especially first time visitors are most likely to explore the canal belt area.

For instance , last year the symbolic ”IAMSTERDAM” sign was removed from the Museumplein,  in front of the Rijksmuseum, in order to reduce the numbers of tourists in the square.

Schiphol Airport, the airport of Amsterdam, (which as a fun fact, is located a few meters below sea level!) is also under construction because of the increased traffic, mainly by the tourists.

„Tourism earns the Dutch economy €82bn (£70bn) and in 2018 accounted for about 761,000 jobs – one in 13 jobs in the Netherlands – but there is also concern over the environmental cost.” – The Guardian

As a possible solution of the issue the government has increased the tourist tax by one percent from 6% to 7% in the city center and the also the capital wants to advertise The Hague as a tourist destination to raise the city’s popularity.

Did you know that until 1983 , Amsterdam was NOT actually the official capital of the Netherlands?

If you are visiting, we recommend you get around on a bike, as do other locals (63% of Amsterdamers use their bikes daily). However, the public transport system is also very efficient, and you may enjoy the view from the water too!

If you visit the city and up for some networking or searching for a perfect place to work from, check us out! while we are not a tourist destination, we do host a lot of internationals who may have a tip or two about local activities 😉