An introvert person has more difficulty with sales than an extrovert person

But please, continue reading. Despite it, there are still gigantic advantages of being an introvert when it comes to commerce!

Citing Liesbeth Smit: an introvert is someone who is more sensitive to their surroundings and stimuli because his/her brains function differently. Introverts notice more and think deeper about what they notice.

Every entrepreneur MUST sell

No sales means no clients, no clients means no income, and… no company. So you cannot avoid working with clients.

The selling process will not come easy as an introvert

One of the golden rules about sales is that you will sell more, the more people you talk to (about your offer) . The so called ‘numbers game’. That means that you have to be in contact with prospects. As many as you can. Before the arrival of online marketing that meant cold calls.

Thank Goodness the introvert entrepreneur can reduce this ‘hunting’

through the use of content marketing and other digital channels.

This could mean that , if you have a lot of budget for marketing, you are sort of say… done. You throw money at SEO, SEA, Facebook and/or Linkedin advertising and the clients will magically flow towards you. That is; if you have a lot of budget.

Still, you need to deal with rejection

Do you have a strong growth ambition, but not so much marketing budget? Then you are doomed: talk to a lot of people is your destiny.That is complicated if you are an introvert, because not only this goes hand in hand with rejection,  but also with a lot of superficial chit-chat. And, even more bad news: the old cold calling and networking at symposia remains a good (and cheap) way to gain customers for those with limited resources.

But you have a huge advantage

Your unique selling point. There is something you have that extroverts do not possess.

More power of persuasion. Each potential client knows that you are not the kind for superficial chit-chat. For exaggerating the benefits of your offer. So clients will feel at ease with you. They trust you. They believe in you. They trust your very word. Those may just be the qualities that make a potential client think: yes, I will choose you.

You are a boss

Summary: the first (cold call, network) contacts will probably feel uncomfortable (although luckily there are digital ways and call agencies) but further down the funnel, YOU are the boss. If you show up during the decision making phase, you will create a more lasting impression and impress more. Your conversion will therefore be many times higher than that of your extroverted colleagues.

Enjoy this advantage!