In 2019, 161 new international companies were received in Amsterdam!

According to the deputy mayor in charge of economic affairs (Victor Everhardt), their arrivals contribute to a strong growth of employment in the region of Amsterdam. More than 5800 new jobs are expected and they will help supporting 2900 thanks to various partnerships and services of other companies during the next 3 years. 

This new record can be explained by the first consequences of Brexit.

Indeed, most of the companies based in England are relocating to Europe, particularly to the Netherlands.  

We are talking about a hundred international companies that have already relocated to the Netherlands and about 300 more interested since the referendum on Brexit in 2016.

Why choose Amsterdam to set up your business?

The geographical location of this small country offers a favorable development of international business. 

As far as transport networks are concerned, Amsterdam has Europe’s 3rd largest airport, Europe’s largest seaport 40 minutes from the capital and the 6th best rail network in the world. 

This allows a very important opening to international trade and makes Amsterdam one of the most strategic cities in Europe. 

Moreover, the Netherlands has a very advantageous tax exemptions and incentives for companies, which explains the 10 innovation clusters and why Holland is the 4th favourite European country for start-ups.

Finally, the Dutch are a very good workforce thanks to their perfect English and their enthusiasm, which is why the country is ranked 7th in the World Happiness Report. 

Maybe only one drawback: the rainy weather ;). 



So, we can expect a rather favourable business climate in Amsterdam for the next few years. 


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