Actually, not that long ago, and pretty much right here… but I needed some dramatic start to convey that it has already been 5 years since we started with The Thinking Hut in Oost!

5 years ago ...
5 years ago …

Last May, when we did our open doors day during the 24h Oost event, I had a throwback moment to the original 24h Oost in 2013. That day, we opened the small construction site door for the first time to a bunch of friends and curious neighbors that suffered a bit from the cold weather (I think it was actually March that time) and enjoyed the amazing Paella we had cooked on site. And… not much more was there. Just our hopes, our tons of energy and our dream to build a co-working space and a vibrant community around it.

As I stepped as the new manager a few weeks ago, and started getting connected to our current Thinkers and their projects, I realized that we have had a lot of people coming in and out during these 5 years: solo entrepreneurs that are growing their team and their company within our walls; companies succeeding and outgrowing our space who had to leave; entrepreneurs just starting up and those who are in business for a long while; some moving away to other cities, or even countries; those who decided to go back to working for an employer or started their own venture elsewhere; working nomads that spent some days or weeks with us before they continued their journey; amazing interns that helped us manage the space and bonded with our Thinkers; recurrent visitors to our space; amazing artists who covered our walls with colors; and even some who came in on day one and are still with us (and we hope it stays that way!).

If something is true in all this, it would need to be that change is the only constant. That is something I am realizing as I step into the office every single day: new faces, new challenges, new ideas, new opportunities.

We always talk about giving back to the community with our Thinkers, and a 5 year anniversary probably called for a big party, with lots of bouncing up and down and loud cheers, where current and old Thinkers had a beer together.

We however, have kept it low key (although some of us have been cheering Yeah! internally) and our way of giving back to the community is this gift of a blog which starts today.

We hope to be able to offer topics that are relevant to you, give you some inspiration, and at times, some food for thought. It may seem like a small thing to do to celebrate, but it is a big thing for us, because it is an open forum where we hope our Thinkers will share stories and experiences.

We hope you will read us (and contribute!).