Are you a freelancer, a start-up or an entrepreneur? Have you ever considered working from a co-working space? Are you wondering if this is made for you? Don’t be anxious, here are all the things you should know before deciding to sign up for a membership in a co-working space!

Our members would say the biggest advantage to be in a co-working space is the community you get to be a part of. Indeed, each co-working space have their own network with a lot of freelancers in a lot of different fields. Our members in general find this proximity very useful, and it would not be the first time that this support has lead to a shared contract or close collaboration, and quite frequently, you will find members sharing ideas about each other businesses over a cup of coffee or lunch.



However, this isn’t the only advantage from the community and the network of a co-working space. A lot of events, workshops, community lunches and team building activities are organized so that everyone is able to bond with other members on different subjects and get to know each other in a less conventional and professional environment. Even if you have a crazy passion, it is quite possible you will find a fellow co-worker that shares it.


This brings us to the next advantage a lot of our members chose our co-working space for: Most of the people looking for a co-working space have a real need of finding a professional environment to evolve in. Most of them can’t stand anymore to work from home. In a co-working space in general you will be surrounded with very inspiring people and this is an absolute boost for your work and it makes your productivity skyrocket.



At The Thinking Hut, we try to make our co-working spaces as inspiring and as creative as possible. This is in order to have our members work in the best professional condition, while still feeling as good and as comfortable as if they were at home.

But let’s be honest. Co-working spaces are not a good fit for everyone. One size does not fit all, right? Some people enjoy working in their PJ’s, some are very sensitive to noise and some others don’t mind much about developing a community and network at a workplace. Some people just have a great home view too good to ignore! Under a few circumstances a co-working space might not be the ideal for you.

Of course, this is only our member’s opinion the best would be for you to build up your own pros and cons list, and possibly try a place before making a decision. There is no harm in being thorough.

Good luck with your quest!