22November 2018

6 Steps to Becoming Unstoppable Masterclass

6 Steps to Becoming Unstoppable - (Because we can have it all and I will show you how!) - 90Mins Masterclass 

“I’m stuck, I’m lost, I'm tired, I don’t know who I am anymore, Is this really it?”……sound familiar? 

If you are a new or aspiring entrepreneur or creative who knows that they want to achieve something big with a business that they are passionate about, yet are struggling with how to make “it” all happen and are confused as to what “it” even really looks like….then I have a message for you.

Overwhelm and a lack of clarity can quickly crush your confidence as a new entrepreneur.
In fact, overwhelm and a lack of clarity are the main reason so many women with such a huge potential never see their business vision through to full fruition.

This is a masterclass designed to enable entrepreneurs and creatives by teaching them the dynamics of Mind, Brain and Self. During this Masterclass you will learn the fundamentals needed to transform mindset into a tool that works for you instead of against you. With these 6 fundamentals, you will understand the dynamics and have enough food for thought to help you take those first steps in order to move forward and thrive. 

Ines Gaston, Trained Psychologist, has designed a program for creatives and entrepreneurs looking for ways to upscale their business. She will be sharing her personal experiences and expertise so you can take action TODAY. . Known for her pragmatic and practical approach, energy and scientific know-how, Ines Gaston has been invited to both national as well as international stages both as speaker as well as a coach. She serves the brave and unconventional minds by supporting them in breaking through inner blocks so they claim the life and business they envisioned for themselves.

In this 90min Masterclass you will learn:

▫ The relationship between mind and behaviour and understand how these dynamics will help you gain control, manage and regain energy so you can accelerate both professionally as well as personal.
▫ Why Self-Image is a game changer and why it is important to embrace the adventure of being you.
▫ Why the right environment is key and how it can make you move faster
▫ Things you can do today to make you move forward.

Register now! https://goo.gl/forms/UKXVQaHJ0k8ehUFO2  - Members entry is for free. Non-members can enjoy the talk + a day of work at The Thinking Hut Zuid at a 25% discount (15Euro +VAT). 30 spots available.