11June 2019

Startup Legal: Advice from Amsterdam's Top Startup Lawyers

If you are interested in understanding how to set-up a company the right way, then join us for Startup Legal by the Founders Institute. Ask your startup legal questions to local experts, and get informed answers. What is the most appropriate type of company to start? How do you deal with cofounders, initial team members and employees? What agreements should you have in place when you start, and what pitfalls should you avoid?

Who should attend?

  • Anyone interested in incorporating an early-stage company
  • Anyone that wants an understanding of basic corporate law 
  • Anyone who has questions about incubator/accelerator legal agreements 

What are some of the topics?

  • When should you incorporate your company 
  • What are the steps to incorporate a business 
  • What agreements should you understand as a founder 
  • How do you handle cofounders, team members and employees

What is the agenda?

  • Welcome and socializing 
  • Overview of Startup Legal 
  • Introduction to the Founder Institute 
  • Question and answer 
  • Discussion and drinks at a local bar or restaurant


Eva van Ingen | CEO FirmBase / former lawyer Messagebird/Ohpen

Marc Van Oldenborgh | Founder & IP Portfolio Manager, Kepler Vision Technologies 

When: Tuesday, 11th June 2019

Time: 6.30-9pm

Where: The Thinking Hut Zuid (Pilotenstraat 39A)

Register here

This event is free to attend. For more free startup events, visit https://FI.co/events