22June 2020

LinkedIn Webinar with Oliver de Leeuw, from CheckLinkedin

Join this insightful webinar on how to improve your LinkedIn profile, and attract the visitors you need.

Sit down or stand up and take part in this interactive session to take control of your online branding.

Why CheckLinkedIn?

A strong LinkedIn profile is the essential basis for a successful presence on this professional social network. Do you want to achieve business success with LinkedIn? Then everything starts with a strong personal profile.

  • Is your headline in order?
  • Does your summary invite people to continue reading?
  • Is it clear what the value of your work experience is?

A properly branded profile on LinkedIn gives you more views, more invitations and connections, more recommendations for your skills and… better chances in business.

Check LinkedIn

CheckLinkedIn helps you achieve these results by looking at your profile from top to bottom.

By delivering a video checkup you will scroll across the most important elements. Learn which areas you need to improve with actionable advice. And you can keep on learning yourself with the e-course in 7 parts filled to the rim with insights, assignments and reading material!


Why join the workshop/webinar?

 Join us for this insightful webinar on how to improve your LinkedIn profile and attract the visitors you need. Sit down or stand up and take part in this interactive session to take control of your online branding.

What this webinar is not: 

  • Nope - not another Zoom webinar.
  • Nope - not an overpaid E-course that only tries to upsell you more services.
  • Nope - not even a regular offline group workshop taken online.

You can now get an exclusively put together online experience jam packed with the most important tips to get your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and up-to-speed. As this is the first impression most people in a business context will see of you (especially now) this is a great opportunity to have a critical look at your current online image.

During the workshop you will learn about the why, how and what of changing important parts of your profile and see real examples from other participants.

 Monday, June 22, 2020

Time: 15:00 - 16:30 

Where: Online, from the comfort of your own home! 

Register: here

Price: 0€


The main result?

You will take charge of your online branding and be satisfied about your LinkedIn profile.

***LUCKY YOU***: during the webinar, we will discuss a handful of profiles from participants. Let us know in advance if we should use your LinkedIn profile as an example!


About our trainer

Oliver de Leeuw

Oliver de Leeuw is an allround online communications expert with more than 10 years of experience in training people making the best of their social media branding. He has a background in online marketing, event communications and public speaking. He helps professionals in strategizing their online efforts and getting breakthrough results. Oliver is a straight-shooting consultant, offering tailor-made interactive workshops in storytelling, content marketing and social media.

He has helped improve the profiles of 100+ happy clients in the past 2 months alone with the services offered at CheckLinkedIn.nl You will SEE him moving over your profile pointing out the good, the bad and the ugly (we all can learn and grow here). And you will HEAR him give tailored advice about how YOU can tweak your profile. This is such an important starting point for attracting the right people on this business-minded social network.

Oliver has worked with: Founder Institute, TNO, Climathon, TEDxAmsterdam, Marketing Organisation Association, Shell, GTD Summit, Dutchtainables and EADV.