20September 2018

Token Engineering Workshop Amsterdam #2

Welcome to the Ethereum developer Meetup group.

The Ethereum developer Meetup group in which is discussed two specific examples of Token Engineering. 
About three years ago, developers came to a consensus on a standard API to represent anything with coin-like properties: the famous ERC-20 token 
The power of interoperability resulted in a multitude of wallets, interfaces, and Dapps ranging from games to financial applications, that work with any ERC-20 token.

In this meetup you will learn about two recent developments in the token field:

1. The Set protocol, a standard way for bundling tokens, that - together with other standards for trading (0xproject.com), loans (dharma.io), and compliance (abacusprotocol.com) can form a decentralized finance system

2. Token bonding curves: smart contracts that mint and burn tokens according to a predefined relationship between price and circulation, and can form a self-regulating market


We hope to see a lot of you on Thursday! 

Tell us your coming through the following link: https://bit.ly/2pl7Irv




When: Thursday 20th of September


When: The Thinking Hut - Zuid location (Pilotenstraat 39A)


Time: From 6pm to 10pm

Price: FREE