Our Privacy Policy

The Thinking Hut (TTH) operates activities in the business of hospitality, which includes offering co-working spaces, meeting and event rooms/venues as well as amenities for these. TTH is committed to protecting the privacy of all guests and members who interact with us at any moment during their experience. We treat all the personal data of our guests and members with great care and we always act in accordance with, and in many cases exceed, the applicable national and international data protection legislation including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This privacy policy is designed to inform you about our privacy practices including the collection of personal data, how we use it and the rights that exist for you to fully be in control of your data. We love to interact with our guests so that we can learn and continue to improve the services we offer to the TTH community, which means data is exchanged and used on many occasions including: when you use our mobile applications, visit our websites that are (co)owned or licensed by TTH, (together: the ‘Websites’), make a reservation at TTH or visit one of our co-working spaces.
This Privacy Policy applies to the processing of personal data by or on behalf of The Thinking Hut B.V.. The Thinking Hut B.V. is a limited liability company registered under the laws of the Netherlands with its statutory seat in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and its office at Mauritskade 55C (1092 AD), registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 57011001. The Thinking Hut B.V. is the legal entity that operates the Websites and acts as the primary data controller for all activities.
We may change this Privacy Policy to reflect changes at any time. The most recent version of the Privacy Policy is reflected by the version date located in the top left of this document. All updates and amendments are effective immediately upon notice, which we may give by posting a revised version of this Privacy Policy the Website. We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy often to stay informed of changes that may affect you, as your continued use of our services signifies your continuing awareness of this Privacy Policy.
The type of data that TTH collects and what we do with it depends on how it was collected and the type of service you have signed up to enjoy. For example:
Browsing TTH websites When you visit the a TTH website, we collect information anonymously about browsing activity when using the Websites. TTH uses various analytics services, such as:
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
These services use cookies to help us analyze how you use the Websites.
We use this information to provide attractive offers, both on the website and on other websites you visit via online and third-party advertisements. We may also use this information for re-marketing purposes to remind and assist you with potential bookings that were left incomplete. Before you start using the website you will always have an opportunity to either accept or reject cookies. Your response to this question determines how much information you have consented to be tracked. By accepting our cookies policy, you increase our ability to advertise offers that are relevant and of genuine interest.
Subscribing using forms (online and offline)
When you subscribe to a newsletter, event, deal or workshop online or offline you may be requested to provide certain data including: name, e-mail, event you’re interested in, company name, residence, city, gender, phone and date of birth.
We use this information to contact you about the newsletter, event or deal you have indicated you are interested in. We will only contact you when we believe there is a legitimate interest to do so based on the interest and information you have declared.
We may also use this information to perform other marketing activities regarding TTH more generally. We will only use the information submitted for marketing if you have provided consent for us to do so my ticking the opt-in tick box when submitting the information on the website. You can unsubscribe from marketing e-mails at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link contained in the e-mail.
When you join as a TTH member
When you apply to join as a member of TTH, you will provide us with your name, your (e-mail) address, your home address, your company name and address, and your payment details.
This information will be used for processing the membership application, billing purposes and to allow us to communicate with you about your membership, including sending surveys to understand how we can improve the service offered.
We will also use this information to send general marketing e-mails about other cool TTH news, events and deals but only if you have given us consent to do so by clicking the opt-in tick-box when joining as a member.
When making use of our TTH Visitor Log App
When you make use of our TTH Visitor Log App, we collect the following types of personal data:
  • Your first and last name, your company name, your e-mail address, and those of the company and person you are visiting when you sign in at our locations;

We use the data to update the membership data of the person you are visiting or that of yourself in case you are signing in for a day pass, and to communicate with you regarding your stay at our premisses. This enables us to make your stay even more pleasant, so that you may one day decide to return to one of our co-working spaces.
We do not use the information you provide as part of your sign in to our app for marketing purposes unless you opt-in for this separately.
After your TTH experience:
After what we hope is only your first TTH experience we will continue to store all your personal data collected in a membership profile*. Should you return to TTH in the future, we want to be able to offer the best possible service you can imagine, including the ability to customize your stay based on your previous personal preferences. We will only do this to the extent that we believe we have a legitimate interest to do so which in every case will be to improve the service we can offer to you in the future.
* This data collection does not apply to visitors of our members. We only collect the information in order to control access to our premises and have everyone accounted for in case of an emergency. We only keep the information about the person you are visiting and the time you spent at our location for invoicing purposes (if applicable) to the member you are visiting.
The data collected will therefore be kept for as long as we believe you may return to TTH, which could be indefinitely or until you communicate your right to be deleted.
We will also continue to send you marketing e-mails to keep you updated if you have previously giving consent for us to do so and will continue to do so for as long as we believe the content is valid and of interest to you. You can of course unsubscribe anytime you like by following the link contained in the bottom of the email.

Based on the contractual agreement
  • To manage your booking through any of the channels provided to this effect and to process your registration as a TTH guest /member, and for the subsequent business relation with you, as well as
  • Managing, maintaining and effectively controlling the relation resulting from having contracted the TTH goods or services.

  • To proceed to charge the designated amounts in the event of a booking cancellation outside the established time frame, as appropriate.

  • To manage guests stay at TTH, in addition to providing the services requested during their visit, which includes, among other aspects, preparation of the visit and dealing with any requests made during their stay. This also includes invoicing and charging for services consumed during their stay.

Based on legal obligations
  • Notify the public authorities or regulatory or government bodies in those cases where it is necessary to so under law, local by-laws or in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Based on your explicit consent
  • Should you so authorize (typically using an opt-in tick box), TTH may offer you goods and services other than those that you have contracted via e-mail, as well as other TTH products that may interest you, even when this contractual relation has ended.

  • Should you so authorize on the cookies pop up, TTH may monitor browsing history on the website and use that information to advertise products/services that may be of interest to you.

We handle your personal data discreetly and will process the personal data only for strictly our own purposes. We will never sell or give your personal data to third parties without explicit prior consent. We will only transfer your personal data to third parties if it is necessary for us to fulfill our contractual obligations towards you or when it is necessary to perform functions you have granted consent for us to do. The third parties we work with are bound by the same conditions toward you and your personal data as written in this privacy statement.
We automatically collect generated information for statistical purposes. This information tells us how well our Websites are functioning. This information may be provided to third parties, but only if this information cannot be traced back to you directly or indirectly.

We want to make sure that you are fully in control of your personal data. You have multiple rights and we want to ensure they are respected. If you wish to exercise any of the rights listed below, please make your request by sending an e-mail to:

Please state clearly in the subject heading what type of request you are making including as much detail as you can to assist us complete your request as quickly as possible. We will complete your request within 4 weeks.
Right of access
If you want to know what personal data we have collected and/or processed from you, you can request TTH to provide an overview. We will provide you with an overview of your personal data that we collect and/or process.
If you believe that the personal data that we process is incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete, you may ask us to change or remove such personal data.
Erasure (‘Right to be forgotten’)
If you want us to remove the personal data we have collected and/or processed from you, you can request TTH to erase your personal data.
Instead of requesting erasure, you may also request us to restrict the way we are processing your personal data. Restriction can be requested i.e. in case the personal data is inaccurate, unlawful, or pending a decision of a complaint lodged by you. If you restrict us from processing, we will only further process your data with your consent.
If you want to transfer the processed personal data to another controller of your choice, you may request us to provide you with a copy of your personal data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format.
You have always the right to object against the processing of your personal data by TTH. If it concerns a processing activity that requires consent you are always entitled to remove your consent.
Limitations of your rights
When a data subject request is made TTH will as a standard policy provide this service free of charge, however in exceptional cases TTH reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee. Data subject requests will only be implemented after the individual making the request has proved their identity, which confirms that they are indeed the subject that the request concerns. This can be achieved by sending a copy of a passport from the e-mail account that used when signing up to a TTH service.
Finally, in certain situations TTH may be entitled to legally refuse requests. If TTH believe there are legitimate grounds that override the interest of the data subjects request, then TTH may reasonably refuse to fulfill the request. TTH will always justify in writing why that is the case.
Right to contact the supervisory body
If you believe your data request is not being handled correctly you are entitled to contact the national data supervisory body. The appropriate authority in the Netherlands is:
Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens
Postbus 93374
TTH takes all necessary technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against loss or any form of unlawful use of any third party. A strictly limited number of people have access to your personal data, and access to your personal data is only granted when explicitly needed to provide our services to you. Additionally, TTH has adopted a “Security First” policy with all 3rd party vendors, software companies, internal staff and contractors, meaning we only select those that share our core beliefs on security and privacy, and take the safety and security of your personal data as seriously as we do.
For many of our business purposes we use cloud-based services. Therefore, for technical and organizational reasons, it may be necessary that your personal data is transferred to servers located in the US, or to servers located in other countries outside of the European Economic Area. Since privacy protection regulations in these countries may not be of a sufficient level, we will ensure that your personal data will only be sent to parties and/or countries with an adequate level of personal data protection.
The Websites may contain links to other websites we do not control. Therefore, we will not be liable for the content of these websites, nor for the processing of personal data that may occur on these websites.
The (intellectual) property rights relating to the content and design of the platforms and the Websites of TTH, including but not limited to text, data files, photos and (still and / or moving) images, audio material as well are owned by TTH or its licensors. Reproduction (including processing) and / or disclosure of content and design of the platforms or the Websites of TTH is prohibited without the prior written consent of TTH.
In case you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you may send an e-mail to info@thethinkinghut.com